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EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is our online platform that provides a simple way to deliver our most advanced assessments via the internet. As an Authorized Partner or as a Certified DiSC Trainer you will be given access to your own EPIC account which you can use to control access to your online assessments. From your PC, you can issue access codes to anyone in the world, anytime, via email. Once a respondent completes their DiSC assessment, EPIC generates a comprehensive personalized report that can be used as the basis for further learning opportunities.


However EPIC does much more than deliver assessments! It offers advanced functionality that helps you take instrumented learning to the next level. With EPIC, you can:

·       Serve multinational employees around the globe

·       Build Group Reports from stored data

·       Regenerate Group Reports easily as staff change

·       Monitor participant activity

·       View, print, and email completed reports from the system’s archives

·       Conserve valuable training time

EPIC features all of our top learning instruments, along with a wide range of Group Reports, Facilitator Reports, and Comparison Reports. From added features to deeper levels of interpretation, EPIC-based assessments offer advantages that our previous paper instruments cannot match — this is what we call the “EPIC Edge.”


How do I get an EPIC Account? You will need to contact your local Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner if you would like to know more about becoming certified and joining our DiSC Community.


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