Organizations need training solutions that meet their needs - even when those needs are constantly changing.

DiSC® Classic can help.

Welcome to DiSC Classic, our best-selling DiSC-based profiles and facilitation kit. Every year more than a million people use our DiSC Classic products to develop critical interpersonal business skills in the areas of:






Organizations use DiSC to establish a common language, paving the way for successful training and coaching applications. Detailed, personalized information helps people apply DiSC learning to specific business situations.

Our ongoing research has resulted in some of our most popular reports and applications:

· The DiSC Classic 2.0 Assessment, which harnesses the power of electronic delivery to provide more user-friendly, narrative-driven feedback.

· The DiSC Group Culture Report, which provides a powerful look at the influence of DiSC styles on groups or organizations of any size.

When combined with our DiSC® Classic Facilitation System 1.5e, these reports provide the easiest to use, most complete and proven solutions available in the industry.

Contact your local Authorized Partner to obtain a Sample Report and more information on language availability.

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